Sunday, February 01, 2004

Just watched Pirates of the Caribbean and Love Actually.

Orlando Bloom is literally genetically perfect. Holy cow, he's a fox! Johnny Depp (inside me) is forty-something and he's fuckin' delicious! Pirates is the absolute beefcake movie to end all beefcake movies if I ever saw one *drool*.

Love Actually has more or less 8 romantic comedies all rolled up into one gigantic Notting Hill-type vehicle. Loved it!

Went out with my good friend Sexy Spinster. She drove us in her parents' Pontiac to Canadian Tire so I could pick up a driver's ed. book. Man, I need to learn how to drive soon. I'm almost 18. This is tres sad. Tres, tres sad. Like a rhino bum fucking an ape. Tres, tres sad. But will do my written test tomorrow *July, August ... December, January ... February ...* eight months later. OH MY GOD! I could've got my G2 already!

So yeah, we got a talking about what I was miffed about today. Can't talk about it here though. Dare I say, hush, hush? I'm under oath. But alright now, after a long, hearty discussion with Sexy Spinster at Starbucks over expensive juice and a Frappacino that tasted oddly like white chocolate even though she ordered vanilla.

*Sigh* Hormones and cliques shouldn't click. Wise words of the hour.

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