Monday, February 02, 2004

Just got back from hanging out with Shotgun Toter. We sat on buses all day, then hung out at the mall. Had a nice, long chat concerning the thing I was miffed about yesterday. I apologised for being a terrible, self-serving friend in certain respects of the situation. It was nice though. I don't think I can ask for a more understanding friend. Went to Harvey's and had a kid's combo. The girl who works there knows my order by heart since I used to see her everyday during my lunchbreak, between selling shoes and handling irrational customers. I told her I was refused a toy for my Kid's Meal the other day, so she gave me the "special" box they keep between themselves and Swiss Chalet to look through. I ended up looting a Piglet springy keychain and a punching balloon (whatever that is, but can't wait to play with it). Shotgun Toter and I wandered the mall and criticised it (because that's just cool) and wandered some more. Then I took the bus home. Ah ... need to learn to drive SOON. Preferably, during March/Spring Break. Just want to get it over with before I move to Montreal.

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