Sunday, February 08, 2004

I can't get enough of NBC'S The Apprentice. It's corporate war games. It's freakin' American Gladiators without the extra-large Q-tips and hamster balls. I want to be like Trump someday. Without the marital problems, bankruptcy problems, and, I'm guessing from the looks of things, erectile dysfunction. I want to look hot in a nice Armani pencil skirt and say, "Do it. Do it my way." What a sweet ass life it will be as a magnate of some sort. I'm not looking to start wars like Hearst, but c'mon ladies. If you were at the New York Stock Exchange, can you honestly say you wouldn't enjoy being surrounded by men all trying to get it up? That's what I thought.

Oh ... you don't? Why not? I mean ... oh ... okay. I guess you're right. Stealing is wrong, I know. I won't encounter ... ya know, drugs ... will I? That's crazy. Call girls and crack cocaine? Heidi Fleiss times 10 sans Charlie Sheen? Oh .. I see. Guess being Trump isn't all it's cracked up to be *sigh*.

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