Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Haggled the price for driving school today. Saved $10. Pretty good, pretty good. I'm starting to enjoy looking like a cheapskate ... who's all too eager to pay either way.

Piano teacher decided I was too lazy to play Gr. 9 songs today, so she put me in Gr. 10 piano instead because the songs are better suited for me. Which is wicked cool since it means I get to skip out doing the Gr. 9 Royal examination. Booyah bitch!

In other news. What's up with the rampant opposition to gay marriage? With the divorce rate being so high, you'd think these right-wing radicals would opt to give homosexuals the right to sanctify their love in order to punish them. I mean, what could be worse than going through a bitter separation that involves fighting over some novelty Aztec-printed tie you bought from a hotdog hut in Cancun because no one has good taste when they have tequila in their veins.

Yes'sum, it just dun make an'sense.

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