Saturday, February 14, 2004

Feb. 12, 2004 has stemmed (excuse the pun) a medical milestone. The South Koreans successfully cloned a human embryo. That's absolutely fantastic. Now Parkinson's and and diabetes (among other things) can finally be a thing of the past. Now people living with debilitating diseases can finally have a fighting chance. I don't see how, to some people, this is unethical. Blardy, blardy, blar, "You're killing life." Listen, women get their periods every month. We're releasing an ovum in the john every 28 days. Are we murderers?

Besides, in the words of that kid in me and Shotgun Toter's Philosophy class: "An embryo has eight cells. I have more cells in my spit."

Such a tidy conclusion. That's gold, Jerry! GOLD!

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