Monday, February 16, 2004

Entry from my CO-OP log sheet for today (upon request by Christian Scrawnwich):

I arrived 10 minutes early to my Spectator placement. Rick Hughes was at his desk. I introduced myself to him and the man standing beside him. He goes through my orientation package. The movie, A Good Shepherd (starring Christian Slater), was in production on the second floor of the building. Rick told me to gather 5 facts about it, whether it would be the number of trucks they brought with them or the number of extras they hired. I was really nervous, not knowing my way around, at first. But quickly gathered enough courage to ask anyone I encountered, practically, anything. I approached the third assistant director, interviewed her. She's one feisty, cynical lady. Also met up with Damian, the property manager. A George Clooney look-a-like, except scruffier (I told him that, he called me his little Editor.) He was funny and teased me a lot. I talked to the movie's publicists: one who does the PR kits and one who does the media work, Bev and Aaron. I asked them about their education backgrounds. Everyone in the film crew is Canadian, so I discussed with Effie (sp?) about the effects of American investment in Canada. The who, what, where, when, whys. Also talked to Paul "Spike" Lees. He's the production manager, originally from Manchester. Great, informative guy. I asked him about the length of the scene and the number of extras that was hired. The answer was 350, of which, 330 were from Hamilton. Big, charismatic fellow. There was one guy, I forget his name, he invited me to sit with all the guys at lunch and told me to join their team and leave my COOP job behind. I laughed and I called him "Louis Armstrong" or "Satchmo" because of his rubbery face. Nice guys, the lot. By the end, a handful of them knew me by name. Afterwards, Rick told me to type up all the facts I gathered to be sent to the Editorial department, which he demonstrated. I have my own cubicle area too. Rick also told me to cut out today's newspaper and photocopy the articles that have the possibility of future stories. Such as, the coming elections and negotiations and whatnot. Jim is another one of my co-workers, he's the Editor. Seems shy, looks like Nick from The Apprentice. But asked me to give him three ideas for tomorrow's paper before I left.

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