Monday, February 02, 2004

Caffeine Cavorter took out her big book of dreams and analysed it for me:

The shoes signify stability, a sense of being grounded, but if you didn't recognize the shoes as your own, it means insecurity. The motel means instability, temporariness.

They were my shoes in the dream, but I don't recognize them from real life. The asymmetry of them must have clued me in there. Caffeine Cavorter says it might mean insecurity in the past, but stability in the future.

The fact that you were a corporate giant, so to speak, is basically just an idealistic view of yourself. So it's not really symbolic. But you either view yourself as influential or wish yourself to be more influential.

I want to be anonymous. I don't want a public life. But I want to be the power behind the throne. Sort of like Dick Cheney (without the whole bad heart, in every sense of the word). And indeed. I've become really interested in public relations within the advertising sector. Though I hate shameless advertising, I want to be part of it. To become The Man in order to avoid The Man's subtle (and not so subtle) influences since I'll be in the know.

The store and the magazine office signify wants or needs. Specifically, your financial needs and needs in life.

I do enjoy working in large groups with creative people and I'm looking forward to helping the Editor-In-Chief at our city's newspaper, with offices that had the same atmospheric feel in the dream. Also, big corporate jobs will allow me to feed my shoe habit. Or just shopping habit, in general.

"What did the dream mean to you!" she asked, finally.

"It felt like my perfect life ... full of orgasms."

Though, I think the perfection of that life comes from the mere exhilaration of finding such a wonderful job that satisfies all my material and mental needs. Donald Trump, watch out!

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