Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Over testosteroned high school boys suck. I really pity them for not having a large enough vocabulary to pick a fight with me. Yet, continue to do so with warbled amounts of "bitch".

I was in Bible Cop's English class today, teasing her about making out with a bartender. Then out of nowhere, like a sudden desire to Dutch Oven your wife, El Lloyd the Llama turned around to butt into my conversation:

LL: What the hell do you have against the army?!

ME: I said, 'bartenders' and I don't have anything against them.

LL: Yeah?! What the fuck do you have against fuckin' bartenders?!

ME: Um ... nothing? What are you talking about?

LL: The bartender's also in the army!

ME: Oh, I didn't know that.

LL: That's what I thought, you stupid fuckin' bitch.

ME: See now. I didn't say I had anything against the army. I said I had something against people with no futures. Like you.

LL: You're such a fuckin', stupid, ignorant bitch.

Teacher comes over.

LL: I'm sorry Miss. I just hate people who are so fuckin' ignorant about fuckin' everything.

ME: Shut up.

LL: You're a ...

ME: Just shut up.

So after school, he aimed a laser pointer at me. I didn't know people still had those over the age of D&D and PB&J. And to be honest, I don't see how a laser nipple is funny. That kid must be so lonely. I mean, yeah, he gets the occasional human contact getting fucked in the ass. But those moments of pleasure are short and far between (not to mention, pricey). The life of an asshole is oh-so hard to break in *sigh*.

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