Sunday, January 25, 2004

Ooh. Came back shopping yesterday with a whole lot of loot.

-Guess? dark denim jeans .......................... $50
-Parasuco grey-washed denim ..................... $40
-Guess? round-collar tanks x2 ..................... $17 each
-Esprit chocolate brown corduroy blazer ......... $49

-Finding out when checking out that it was
actually $46, down from originally $180 ........ priceless

The need to splurge while suffering through a semi-retreating fever is definitely semi-rational. At least my voice sounds uber-sexy --like George Burns after a lifetime of smoking. It's like Phoebe from Friends who became more popular with her sick/sexy voice, singing:

Smelly cat, smell-ly cat/ What are they feeding you?/ Smelly cat, smell-ly cat/ You're getting fat/ Smelly cat, smell-ly cat/ Porno makes you eat like that/ I saw you in a shopping mall/ Smelly cat, smell-ly cat/ It's not your fault/ ...

I also conditioned my hair in the shower 4 times. You read right. 4 times. So it's now as soft as what's on top of a pre-pubescent boy.

In other news. Bible Cop and I will join Christian Scrawnwich in yet another church outing. Except this will be located at a local college --with much more people and a preacher with a mullet, natch. Ah, I sure am looking forward to this one (lie). But Bible Cop let me decide which one we could go to since both places are celebrating some soul food thing. I told Christian Scrawnwich I thought only Black people had soul food. He said that his don't actually have food at all, though they sometimes serve sweets. So I naturally assumed that their definition of soul food actually meant "words to brainwash you into thinking that a soul exists to be corrupted, then redeemed." But goddamn it! That's too fuckin' bad, 'cause I'm craving for some fried chicken, collard greens, corn bread, battered shrimp, babybacks and ... gotta go. Will now head for the kitchen. Sure am hungry now that I mention it.

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