Wednesday, January 21, 2004

My peer tutor kids (who, I admit, openly take advantage of me) were real assholes today. I had gum in my tote bag and two of them saw that I had it. They begged and pleaded to have some, but I knew if I gave out one ... it'll end up being more. And since I bought it at school three times the market value, I couldn't help but switch into my stingy-mode. I went to the library to check on the other kids, but when I got back, a whole lot of them giggled and told me they had ransacked my bag and gave out all my gum. The gum isn't the problem. It's invading my property and stealing from me. I could care less if it was ... anything, really. But the fact that they had no respect for my belongings really peeved me off. So while I was walking to the bus stop, they followed me and said, "We're sorry, Lily. But so-and-so did it too." I told them to cut out the blame game and just take responsibility for themselves. I mean, we're friends (well, they're my students), but we're not THAT good of friends. I called them assholes and that was the end of it.

On a lighter note: It's official. I will definitely have a place to go in at least two European countries. Both Pierre and David (voluntarily) invited me to come visit their respectable French and German towns. These separate offers also include living arrangements at their houses; extending their generosity. They don't know each other, so I can only assume it's a European thing to be so damn hospitable. A sweet deal considering I'll be living with such great guys.

Canada's just so goddamn cold in the winter. I absolutely hate snow. Hate it, hate it, hate it. And if I get accepted into Concordia, it'll be 10x worse than it is here because Montreal has a bitchy seasonal climate too ... except theirs is enough to kill every one of their corner bums. My dad thinks about moving to Hawaii. Key word: thinks. He's still waiting for me to become wildly wealthy so I can grant him all that he desires. These include:

-Buying him equipment to fly to the moon (scratch that, it's now Mars)
-Buying him a hot air balloon to travel around the world in
-Buying him a submarine to travel around the world in
-Buying him a souped-up pick-up to --that's right-- travel around the world in
-Buying him a Mercedes-Benz (even though he loves that Japanese technology) to look cool in
-Buying him a Harley Davidson to look cool on
-Buying him a plastic surgeon to make him look just plain cool

Okay, I added the last one. It was worth a shot.

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