Tuesday, January 13, 2004

MSN messenger is the devil.

Will (try to) stop using it from now on.

That is all.


Life is still boring. Will start writing interesting shit when interesting shit start happening. Although interesting shit does happen, they're only interesting at the time. Inside jokes should be kept, that's right, on the inside. And that's what I intend to do ... because they're retarded to begin with:

"Math Jesus likes you because ... Evidence A: He has eye spasms when he looks at you. Evidence B: He bought you a hammer and a Swiss army knife 'cause a) he wants to hammer you, and b) wants to knife you good. Evidence C: He seems to have a track record of liking Caucasian brunettes (and occasionally, non-Caucasian brunettes). Evidence D: He's behind this here washroom door. Evidence E: I'm joking. Evidence F: No I'm not. Evidence G: Yes I am. Evidence H: He asked, rather fervently, whether the person you like has high cheekbones and broad shoulders because he doesn't. Evidence I: He said he wants high cheekbones now. Evidence J: Refer back to Evidence A. So one can only conclude, after overwhelming evidence, that the Math Jesus has the hots for you, Shotgun Toter."

I rest my case.

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