Thursday, January 29, 2004

I'm currently listening to Internet radio. AccuRadio to be exact. The Brit Rock channel. It has confirmed my love for Supergrass, Ash and Pulp. Also confirmed my dislike for Belle & Sebastian, PJ Harvey and Syd Barrett. It introduced me to Ocean Colour Scene too. All in all, great stuff, that Internet radio. Been listening to a lot of Rooney ever since they were featured on The O.C. Not that I watch the show. Okay, I do, but only for pop culture "research". Okay, that's a lie. It's so I wouldn't miss the anticipated episode where Summer and Seth have S-E-X. Freakin' awesome, where-do-I-insert-this-thing, did-you-lock-the-door, no-I-thought-you-did-, GAH! DAD!-type sex

Anyway. Back to Rooney. The lead singer is the younger brother of Jason Schwarzman of Rushmore fame. I saw him in Spun. Crazy movie, but modest entertainment. Ripped-off too many inspirations (does that make it uninspired?). It was hailed as a cross between Trainspotting and Requiem For A Dream. Alright, I can see that ... with a splash of John Holmes and Pam Grier, circa 1977.

Did my Politics exam today. Now, did Noriega get ousted in Panama or Nicaragua? It wasn't even part of the exam, just my elaboration, and it's still likely I got it wrong. Also mentioned the Six Day War, but I know I did well with that question because I mentioned the whole "humiliation of the Middle East" thing. The fill-in-the-blanks part was based on everyone's ISU assignments, which I vaguely remembered and ignored to study all together. There were 20 blanks, I remembered 16. That's pretty impressive (*pucker* that's the sound of me kissing my own ass) considering the circumstances. It was the German's fault. Okay, not really. Partly? Alright, I'll give him part responsibility for keeping me awake late and encouraging procrastination. Meh, just glad it's all over. S-E-X. I mean, O-V-E-R.

Just finished listening to The Cure. WOO! Oasis's Wonderwall has started playing. One of my favourites. I'm not ashamed!

There are many things that I would/ Like to say to you/ I don't know how/ ... / I said maybe/ You're gonna be the one who saves me/ And after all/ You're my wonderwall.

Will go and enjoy The Jam's Start! now.

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