Tuesday, January 06, 2004

I received news from my CO-OP teacher that I was given a position at the Spectator. I beat out 5 others. And here's the kicker: this specific job was created on the spot for me by one Mr. Rick H. the day of the interview. I guess I left a good impression on him because he's been asking for me since the 19th of December. The original job description consisted of clerical work for reporters. In a nutshell: a lowly (though respectable) temp.

This new position apparently requires working closely with the Editor to help out with the production and layout aspects of the newspaper. Which is something, I feel, I'm better suited for considering my current tenure as someone who oversees the same things, but on a much smaller scale, at school.

In the timeless words of Kool & The Gang, "Celebrate good times, c'mon!" That's right. Livin' lovin', lovin' livin', it's all good. I'm lovin' livin', it's all good.

Just realised how difficult it is to rap to Will Smith of I Went On To Bigger And Better Things But Not Before Popularizing Graffiti Pants To Spawn An Entire Generation of Colour Blindness-fame.

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