Monday, January 26, 2004


My throat is in absolute PAIN! It's so sore, burning really. I can't swallow anything or use the same muscles for that specific purpose. It literally feels like trying to fit Anna Nicole Smith into size 4 wooden barrel, bursting at its seems.

I took off from school during lunch. My dad picked me up in his RV. He said, "You don't look sick. I saw you laughing with your friends."

So what? I have to look like a haggard Meryl Streep in Sophie's Choice? I have to make the lives acquaintances just as miserable? My sister gets sick every three months; my brother, every other month. I catch something for the first time in years and I get this bullshit from him?

I just woke up to a bowl of wantons. But it requires swallowing. At this point, I just want to Barney myself and tell everyone to "put it in my veins!" Anything. Liquid liverwurst, ground-up essays, fish heads, anything. Is that too much to ask?