Sunday, January 25, 2004

Came back from the little outing. I will describe the little eccentricities:

-Indeed, Bible Cop didn't lie. There was a preacher guy with a mullet. He also played lead guitar in the in-church/college band. I'll call him MC Jehovah. On a tangent (Shotgun Toter's phrase): There was literally a sea of mullets. Mullets for as far as the eye could see. Long mullets, short mullets, mullets not-quite-hidden underneath baseball caps, mullets in shades of not-quite-fetching blonde, etc.

-MC Jehovah was joined on stage by a little, dancing, leprechaun-ish, Black dude with a cornrow mullet. Boy, that guy really kicked up his heels, and jiggled. Jiggled his heart out in his khakis, tucked-in baggy orange T-shirt ... oh, and performed sign language (bravo!).

-Near the end, there was a White rapper --a Manefast or Manifast or something?-- who took to the mike in recognition of Jesus's love. He looked 16, but is actually married with child. He did three sets while a breakdancer swivalled in the background. Then kids joined them on stage. One boy stood out. He was freestylin' and doin' all these tricks (okay, two) standing on his head and ... standing on his feet THEN FLIPPING! But he made it look so attractive ... for someone who was maybe around 8.

-During Manefast/Manifast's performance, even old ladies got down with it. Raising the (heavenly) roof and givin' it up in retro garb while holding up victory signs as they waved their hands from side to side to the rockin' beats of M/M (either way, it's not spelt Manifest. Too cool for grammar? They always are).

-The very end had all the kids from the first 3 or 5 rows go on stage for a full-out yokem tokem "praise the Lord" diddy. While all the kids did their pre-choreographed moves (which included jumping, trumpet playing, and some let-Lord-into-your-heart type stuff) that little wannabe breakdancing kid started breakdancing again! Yes, and he was doing it to God's music to boot.

We went and picked up the German because he had just come back from our nation's capital at 7. Then we headed to Wendy's. Bible Cop wanted McDonald's, but I said it was the poor man's Wendy's. The German agreed. We talked there for an hour or so and dropped off Christian Scrawnwich (who had made a puppet out of a Tim Hortons paper bag, which he had painted with ketchup, drawn on with my fry). Soon afterwards, I climbed over her mafia car seats to sit with the German. She stopped the car and said she didn't want to be "chauffeuring" us. So after a confusingly awkward moment, the German left me to sit in the passenger seat so she wouldn't feel lonely. Heh heh. Oh, that Bible Cop. She's a keeper.

Anyway, I just got home. I don't take pictures of myself ... ever. But using this crappy webcam out of sheer boredom rocks the casbah. So here's the first ever photo of the previously faceless writer of Lily's Blog:

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