Sunday, December 07, 2003

You know that feeling you get when you start liking someone who does something so surprisingly unexpected, it makes you swoon all over again? That feeling you get from the bottom of your stomach to the top of your throat that just rises out of you, in a flurry of sensations? It's quite indescribable, really. You feel elated. You feel at once hungry and full. That feeling of trembling hands and forced deep breaths. There is a perma-grin imprinted on your face for a time being. Rushing thoughts move on a speeding conveyor belt that is your imagination: how he would look on your arm, how he smells, what he might be wearing, what he might say, what others might say about him, what others might say about vous. You finally snap yourself out of your waking slumber. Shoulders relaxed, back against a chair or wall, you momentarily drift into your previous state, but the feeling is gone. And now you sigh, reminiscing.

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