Monday, December 29, 2003

Went to the mall with Shotgun Toter today. Christmas is over, and yet, shoppers still run amok. When will the madness end? There's no room to breathe nor are their good things to shop for. It's like the overload of bright lights and bargain sales (that aren't really bargains to begin with) exist only to tempt people into gouging their eyes out while tranquilizing their senses as they lay frothing at the mouth. Had a lychee concoction with tapioca there. It was yummy.

Later, I went to go watch Bad Santa for $4.25 at a small theatre in Burlington with Bible Cop. That movie, ladies and gents, is the funniest thing I've seen all year. The vulgar humour is right up my alley. Billy Bob Thornton is pitch perfect as the lead. It is side-splitting. It is by far the best envelope-pushing, Christmas-related film in recent memory. Just ... hilarious.

Thank you, Bible Cop, for driving me. Though, I must admit I resent her for being able to attend a New Year's party with 24 year olds, knowing I'll be stuck making idle chit chat with relatives in Toronto.

Lucky bitch.

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