Wednesday, December 24, 2003

'Tis Christmas Eve and I'm in a rut. Not literally, but emotionally. Why is it that my sister -- six years my junior -- can play the victim card even when I'm the actual victim?

I've always been peeved at how much attention she gets from my mom just because they get along better. She had piano lessons yesterday. While getting ready to leave, my teacher handed her a sheet printed, "Lessons on Dec. 24, 25, 27, 28 are all cancelled." The 25th on her paper was circled because that was the next time she would have a lesson.

Today comes and Satan's Spawn tells me to hustle to class. Wearily I go, only to discover there wasn't one. Embarrassed was I to be stranded with an obviously annoyed German/Italian family trying to celebrate Christmas Eve in peace.

Long story short, I come home to ask my sister why she neglected to give me that sheet. I was calm, I was cool, I just wanted an explanation. In response, she yelled, "Because it was only for me! Look! She only circled it on mine!" But if she had half a brain, she would've seen that classes on ALL those dates were cancelled too. By this time, my mom had come in through the front door and quickly theorized that I was in the wrong. I tried to explain, but my words fell on deaf ears. She dismissed me and my "excuses" for making my sister cry (because at this point, Satan's Spawn was teary-eyed -- like a contestant in a tranny pageant -- from screaming so much). So now my smug sister is probably grinning like a mofo on speed in a car headed to a party in Toronto, and I'm cooped up in my room listening to Air's Moon Safari ... in a state of content, to be honest.

So, I guess there was nothing to rant about really ... except that injustice is a bitch. And sisters are too.

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