Friday, December 12, 2003

So that's where all the mugs went. On my desk, positioned at various levels. 4 in total. There's one marble-looking one, two from IKEA in pastel colours, one I got free with my Costco-sized Double Bubble box (those comics are sick, fo' real!). Hey look, there's also a yellow plastic tumbler to my right.

What else is on my desk, curious cats may ask. Okay:

a Tweezerman tweezer
a nail clipper with a bronze lion attached to it
some markers and glitter pens
a few classical CDs
university admissions forms
an agenda from 2000/1
20-odd lines of rhinestones I cut from shoe straps
a hair band and three black cat Hallowe'en stickers
a Laura Secord hot chocolate canister now used to hold pencil crayons
a spiral notebook ... without any paper
a few pictures I took from Venice
a few batteries, marbles and an exacto knife
a lamp with a swivel neck
an M&M deluxe clock/radio telephone

Yeah, my room, in general, looks like Dick Van Dyke if he had wandered out of Mary Poppins with his instruments and headed straight into a spinning propellor of a plane; scattering his remains and belongings in illogical places.

I need to trick the Fab 5 into re-vamping my room. But to pass for a straight guy, I'd need to give up ... having it easy and ... stilettos?!

*shudder* Fuck that bullshit. I'm happy living in this dump.

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