Friday, December 26, 2003

So I've been listening to some OK Go and boy am I addicted to their sugary pop/rock sound. Now, is it wrong to pay more attention to their music due to my sudden desire to fuck the lead singer? Although, I know it's not "wrong", I'm still mindful of this cliché. I'm a real sucker for musicians. It's a vice as serious as my carrot cake habit.

But duh-amn, this guy has cheekbones that can cut through Cartier carats clean. He looks even younger than a young Beck Hansen; it is like peering into a fresh pool of DNA and seeing the face of ... one edible dude. One very edible dude, indeed. He's positively slurp-worthy.

Front, center.

Damian Kulash: serve him on a hot plate 'cause I'm ready for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Will also leave room for dessert.

Extra "sexy" points for majoring in semiotics at Brown University. He also DANCES!

Kudos for strategically tousled hair, too. Converse wearing geeky brunettes are the sheee-it. Pictures don't do him justice.

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