Friday, December 19, 2003

Semi-formal was last night. It was so much fun. The food tasted like leftovers from an unnamed airline. I had a few roasted morsels of potatoes because, well, it resembled meat ... even more so than the chicken.

Other than the consistent mind games and looky-loos during my tenure practicing Boogey-ology 101 on the dance floor, it was fabulous. Socialised with random people from different grades and schools, fixed a stranger's shoe problem, and just shook it like a Polaroid picture.

Went home and did homework. Did homework like I've never done homework before. Literally handed everything in at the 11th hour after missing class all morning. Okay, not even 11th. More like 11:59, all the while hoping I wouldn't have to carry-over my courses if I didn't make it. But both Manolo and Bottega must've been watching out for me because even the buses didn't act like asses; actually driving fast and on time.

Life is good. Life is very good.

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