Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Semi-formal is next week. My second school-hosted social event in ... four years. Won't be expecting too much out of it, but won't be expecting anything less than $25 worth, either. Yes, Blue Eyes will also be there ... with his *ahem* long distance girlfriend.

Ooh, just felt Allistar kicking. He does that whenever I mention his imaginary father's monicker. My fake son totally inherited his moxie from him (was going to say "spunk", but then remembered the term, "funky spunk", which no guy should have). Although, I doubt we're compatible since he wants to eventually settle down and get married, while I, on the other hand, might be forced to run away from the feds for insurance fraud any given day now.

I wish non-marrieds could celebrate random, pointless things, just like their married co-patriots. Such as: "Golden Thank-You-For-Not-Having-Children Jubilee" and "Happy Successfully-Maneuvering-#83-In-The-Kama-Sutra Day".


I miscarried Allistar (yes, I miscarried a baby that was already the size of a football). Was grooving to some Mos Def when I remembered I was supposed to be pregnant. Ah well. C'est la vie.

Is it possible to be less than pregnant? Like, minus pregnant? The ying to the proverbial yang? 'Cause I need an explanation for my weight loss now.

Oh right, I can blame it on the dumb baby, who wasn't going to survive the playground with that name, anyway. Kids can be so cruel.

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