Sunday, December 28, 2003

Right after I wrote in my blog yesterday, Bible Cop and I drove down to Westdale Theatre and watched Cold Mountain (Jude Law can pork me anytime). Being there made me realise college boys is where it's at. And by college boys, I mean, university boys. And by university boys, I mean, well-educated young men with futures. We sat in front of them. When movie stopped rolling, I got up and was the receiver of eye contact [EC].

Went and ate at Crabby Joe's next. Mid-meal, 8 guys belonging to the latter category arrived, sans their women (assuming they were straight). EC occurred throughout with Brown Tuque. Quelle domage that I'm so young, yet have so much to offer ... non-anatomic related.

This is off topic (when was I ever on?). While at Crabby's, I remember wondering why there was footage of a baby's birth on every other channel between Knight Rider, Trading Spaces and the Beverly Hillbillies.

Note to self: newborns sure are ugly, especially when they're up to their necks in vulva.

Now must leave to play Mahjong with my mom. It's the beginning of my devolution.

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