Monday, December 22, 2003

Preparing for tomorrow's amateur photo shoot with God Lover at the mall. Shotgun Toter is my best friend, so I've decided to make her a pin-up calendar featuring said person. Surprisingly, he agreed to pose for us. Now, I'm torn between either formatting it so that his face is manually pasted on objects -- such as Santa Claus, turkey carcass, toboggan -- or just of him, in seasonal boxers, au naturel, acting surprised, worried, sad, nauseous, etc.

God Lover is such a good sport and oh-so enthusiastic about the impending public display of humiliation. Even going as far as providing input: "Should I leave the stubble on or off?"

I, naturally, did not have the answer as I am only the Production Manager. That job goes to Shotgun Toter, who doubles as the Creative Director for this project. She'll be the one deciding whether she wants him handling an umbrella, nude, or both.

This will be so much fun. I mean, I'll be the last person to see him alive and kicking before he gets beaten up by a mob of heterosexual men, ready for a lynching at their favourite Eddie Bauer.

Long live great straight men who have a sense of humour.

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