Thursday, December 18, 2003

Oprah's Wisdom

I was in my friend's English class today reading Oprah Magazine. He seemed unimpressed with the pictures of Sue Johanson stretching a rubber ring to simulate the size of a dilated vagina. Man, you can fit a Cadillac through that ... or at least a gramaphone. I was less than enthralled with Houseband Hippie's blasé reaction though. But hey, who's the one with the vagina here? I mean, if I matter-of-factly told him his penis was able to stretch, on command, for some self-serving sodomy, he'd react more fazed than frank.

We sold out the school newspaper today. I'm so grateful to have such an enthusiastic, loyal team. I just love it when loose ends come together to create something I can be proud of.

Semi-formal is in an hour and a half. Must ... stop ... procrastinating ... and find something ... to wear.