Monday, December 08, 2003


I forgot how much I like the Nine Inch Nails. They really were a great band. The strength of their music and lyrics is one of the reasons they're covered by so many musicians to this present day. The most recent version done by, of course, the late Johnny Cash. I listened to Maxwell's cover of "Closer" and it's good, but I liked the original version better. I mean, Maxwell changed: "I want to fuck you like an animal" to "I want to love you like an animal." How the hell do you ravage someone ... tenderly? No, it's got to be like Diane Lane in Unfaithful where she's hoisted against the bathroom stall by Olivier Martinez. Wild, passionate, Pink Ranger in heat-type sex. It's got to have a mixture of anger and lust (which is why make-up sex is so popular). And by anger, I mean, both hands are still handcuffed to the bedpost during a post-coital session when boyfriend accidently throws the keys over the 36th floor balcony. You can't escape and really need to take a leak, but think, since you're already naked in bed, why not have him heat your bacon again? Okay, bad analogy. I don't even know what the "bacon" in that is supposed to represent. But I'm craving for some right about now ...

I think I might be pregnant with a ghost baby. It's feeding off the food I feed myself (woah, great alliteration skills there). This explains my 3lb weight gain (although eating for a change might also be a contributing factor). I will update you on the progress of my pregnancy with Allistar, my ghost baby. Can I get pregnant after looking at pictures of punctured condoms? Well, I haven't been, but in case I do come upon sites that advocate punctured condoms ... at least I'll be prepared to fight them with pictures of diaphragms printed with Marge Simpson's face.