Saturday, December 13, 2003

Insecure Boy is at it again (same guy as Nov. 25 entry ... again). This time, his mind is further clouded by horse manure than ever before. He's gone off the deep end.

My friend does not like him anymore. I can assurably say she doesn't want to talk to him nor have him standing in her range of view. She has told him that he is disrespectful, insecure, emotional, and above all else, needs therapy (or a "shotgun [to the head]").

Now Insecure Boy doesn't seem to get it. "Why this hostility?" he asks. Well, for one, he harassed (or should I say, harrasses) me and boasts to my friend about it. Now, maybe in his warped train of thought it makes sense: make me look bad to gain brownie points with your beloved. But when the person is my best friend, it, uh, doesn't work out too great in his favour.

He thinks she still likes him. He thinks she's been fooled by my "web of deceit". He thinks I'm in cohoots with his mentally/emotionally unstable ex-girlfriend and an acquaintance of ours (proof? we were all in the library, talking). He thinks we pulled off a "conspiracy right under [his] nose." He thinks I'm the "ringleader". He wants to force a confession out of me.

If that doesn't spell P-S-Y-C-H-O, I don't know what does.

All I've done is ignore his threats and deranged behaviour. I have a life. Why would I focus my time on the very definition of "degradation"?

So he says he's done playing and is now "out for blood." I would be scared for myself (and all parties indirectly involved in his unsuccessful attempt to fuck my buddy), but he's too dumb to make up anything resembling a complex plan. He needs to save that act for John Nash Jr., and even that guy passed high school without taking an extra year.

He would be an asshole if he wasn't such a moron.

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