Tuesday, December 16, 2003

I have absolutely nothing to wear to semi-formal. Alright, I had something but then realised other people would also be wearing red. I bought this tailored cotton skirt at a high-end boutique in Beijing for 300 big ones. But the colour's all wrong because I'll be swimming in a sea of monochromatics; lossed in the crowd. Even my donka donk dance won't help me stand out. Though that notion seems farfetched. Very farfetched.

I have my eye on a black lace Diane Von Furstenberg cocktail number. I obviously can't afford it, but I might just imitate the style with what I currently own in my closet.

Although, it blows chunks that I have nothing to wear that feels inspired. Maybe I'll go all black and bring along the nylon lime green shoulder bag I bought in Amsterdam. Then again, I won't be dancing with my purse all night long just to accessorize my outfit. Damnit! I don't even have metallic gold heels to pump up the WOW factor!

I will just have to think of something last minute. I don't want to look hot. I want to look nonchalant. Sort of, porn-star-slowly-stepping-out-of-the-pool-in-slow-mo-type careless.

However, I admit it. I also want to look like I'm having a fabulous time (and actually having a fabulous time) to show Baby Blue that I don't need him to have fun. That he would be lucky (yes, I said lucky) to join me. But I doubt the elusive girlfriend would approve.

Can't blame her though. I am a fine piece of China ass.

*Ego, rising, rising ... falling, falling ... rising, RISING! ... Gone.

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