Sunday, December 21, 2003

I guess skanking it up at semi-formal attracted the right attention because guess who starts talking to me last night out of the blue? Yes, Baby Blue. Although the conversation lasted no more than 10 sentences, they were worded in such a way that skirted around an issue we were both insinuating. In the end, nothing was revealed. But he was nice. Come to think of it ... oddly nice. Sincere even. Won't think too much into it. But I do admit implementing the Sleeping Like a Deadbeat Dad technique as a deterent to prevent my brain from entering Paranoia Land. A place I know all too well. I've already used up 8 passports. Okay, 9. Okay, they know me by name and greet me with a smile at the border.

So holiday season is still upon us. I always wish people a happy Chanukah, Kwanzaa and Christmas, but I've always failed to mention Ramadan. Therefore, this year, I wish everyone a Happy Chrismukkwanzadan!

So, in your face two-in-ones! I gots me a blessing by everything under the sun! Someone's gonna get lucky tonight ... or not.

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