Saturday, December 27, 2003

Another day, another blog.

I've been blogging since late August. I know the quality of my blogs have been deteriorating. You know those girls who hang off metal barricades at Cheap Trick concerts, crying in tattered hot pants and bras? Yeah, I can't relate either. But I have seemingly (if not, seamlessly) turned into a typical, teenybopper with John Varvatos-wearing, demi-gods on my amorous mind.

This factoid is the reason I haven't been writing stuff that's all that interesting. I mean, I stopped watching TV awhile ago and a pop culture maven must watch TV. Yet, I dread admitting that I don't miss that blarmy box. I think I've been usurped from my throne ... though, I doubt I was crowned to begin with.

Break is so boring. In the sense that I make it boring. I don't even bother changing in the morning. It's just the same XL T-shirt, day in and day out. I've become a divorced KKK parent who just unknowingly moved into a negro, gay neighbourhood: packing the pounds and unwilling to leave.

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