Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Add arrogant men to my list of Hated Assholes.

These are the guys who believe in using the IQ test to measure intelligence. If that's the case, I have an IQ of 147, but I don't go about prancing in a tutu, bragging about something as pointless as the decapitated scrotum they keep hanging between their legs for nostalgia's sake. These are the same guys who find me completely mentally 'damtarded because I haven't memorised scientifically significant dates and the names of a few dead European white men. I, apparently, only know pop culture which any "idiot off the street" is able to give the answers to.

So I must feign ignorance on all accounts because some histrionic with no soul decides to put me down for my personal interests. In order to be taken seriously, I have to resign myself from ever having a sense of humour? To be attractive to the opposite sex, I cannot be ... well ... me? Indeed, my lonely-status has been proven by an overwhelming amount of evidence, collected by said person. Why else have I not caught myself a lowlife who'll always be there when I need a human breast messager? Oh Fate, why do you torture me so? How can I compete with a track-running, Jehovah Witness who has a girlfriend his mother doesn't know about? But then again, I should've expected this from a God who not only teaches his children sympathy and understanding, but preaches bigotry, xenophobia and spite.

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