Thursday, November 20, 2003

You know, I wonder when Wacko Jacko is going to be officially arrested already. It's weirdly admirable that he thinks he can forever evade the authorities. How deep does his Peter Pan-syndrome run when he thinks inviting pre-pubescent boys over to scrump is okay? Wait. When did pre-pubescent boys ever have sleep-overs?! Did I miss the whole I'm only experimenting-phase of child development completely? Well, here's some pointers for future reference Mike: when someone passes you the soap in the shower, they're not being courteous. It's the beginning of a relationship. Ooh, just think of all the buggery that'll occur... heh heh. Ah, mind in the gutter again. Sorry.

Enrique Iglesias has Misha Barton naked in his video "Addicted". She's 17. He's ... not. Now, she has a fine ass body, which is the object of my envy. But again, she's ... 17. Howard Stern said Mr. Latin-Sensation-Sans-the-Trademark-Mole should be sent to jail. Citing the injustice of having thrown Tommy Chong into the pen for selling bongs, while Fabio-incarnations are allowed to simulate sex with girls who've just discovered the "touch of their hand" like a stylized version of R. Kelly's public secret*.

Ah, the world is a circus. Where do I sign up?

*Sold in conjunction with the Paris Hilton sex tap for an astonishing $19.99 and S&H (The Shame & Herpes tax.) Prohibited in Maryland. Recyclable where available. Made from concentrate. Tried, tested and true.

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