Wednesday, November 19, 2003

So the Proficiency assembly was today. You know, not being able to slap someone undeserving of an award (or two) is irritating. This girl, Paulina, had an early copy of every unit test in Chemistry and had her brother tell her the answers to the Biology tests (since he wrote them). She didn't know the difference between an atom and a molecule four months into the semester. But, lo and behold, she ends up sharing the Science award with someone MUCH more deserving. She won the Art award, prior to this, too. Hmm ... I wonder why her art looks so familiar ... Oh right, they were ripped-off from magazines ... and classmates. You know, being "inspired" is one thing but not giving credit to your sources ... well then, you're a gloating motherfucker. Ah well, nothing I can do but whine. Moral of the story: Crime pays.

But it's okay. I mean, she has zippo friends, but a bright future in the lucrative business of online pornography (already, her photos litter trash bins all over the 'net). It would be a shame to see her unable to reach her full potential.

Anyway, high school awards mean squat. Although, I must confess I want the Best Dressed award. C'mon ... BEST DRESSED!

In other events, I saw Joelle today. Gave her two big hugs the two times I saw her and asked her how she was doing. Was completely blown away by her strong show of character, especially after enduring so much in that recent tragedy. She smiled so cheerfully and pleasantly the whole time we were together that I could not but admire her. Simply put, an all 'round special cookie.

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