Tuesday, November 04, 2003

So a friend of mine revealed to me that his current girlfriend already had a boyfriend when they started dating. I called him a jerk. But no feelings harmed. However, I do personally think once a cheater accomplice, always a cheater accomplice (but it isn't necessarily a bad thing since you can't choose who you fall in love with *tear*). Which is contradictory to my character because although I don't believe in relationships (and therefore, the eternal monogamous ideal called "marriage"), I also don't like the idea of people sneaking around and lying while they're in one ... since fibbing is one of my top pet peeves (*cough* hypocrite). The way I see it, the truth will eventually be uncovered, so why waste time fabricating stories that provide only temporary relief to escalating predicaments? Fear of consequence is an avoidable green mile.

Which reminds me of the picture I took infront of the Bocca della VeritĂ   in Rome with my hand hidden in my sleeve. This ancient stone face is said to bite the hand of anyone who dares to lie while placing a hand in its "mouth of truth." My mom and I had watched Roman Holiday (1953) the night before, and she wanted to visit the sites seen in the movie ("Audrey's trail"). I gladly complied. It was better than playing The Spot-Who's-Chinese Scavenger Hunt (now in four different colours and a duffle bag.)

"Ooh, look! I think I see one haggling with a hooker. Let's go after it!"

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