Saturday, November 08, 2003

Listening to Salut D'Amour, Op. 12 by Edward Elgar. It really is a pity the lack of attention classical music is given by youngsters. It's not that it's poorly acknowledged, but ... let's just say, it's common to see yawns upon its introduction. It isn't my intention to force this genre of music upon the masses, but it would be nice if people knew the names of composers other than Beethoven, Mozart and Bach.

On the other hand, if they spontaneously surged in popularity one day, I wouldn't be able to buy Vivaldi's entire Four Seasons collection for $4.99. Nor could Isaac Albéniz's guitar compositions played by Joaquí­n Rodrigo be sold for a jaw-dropping $6.99. Considering the manhours dedicated to practicing, I think it's an absolute bargain given that neoteric (and often times, mediocre) music sell for $15 and up (in fine department stores across the country, no doubt).

On a related note (bad pun, sorry), I hate seeing kids massacre songs on their instruments. I'm talking about kids, who've been playing for awhile, just horribly butchering their songs. The way the instruments are manhandled is, arguably, an omen as to where their owner's sex-life might be headed. These kids try to imitate concert pianists with grand, melodramatic, hand gestures as they unwittingly play Orff-ian renditions of Chopin. Please, let the professionals handle the spastic seizures as you sit your autistic-ass down to practice "I Will Always Love You*" like a good boy at Sing Sing.

Word of Caution: Getting really good at your instrument might damage your libido as older women are easily impressed ... and horny.

*Little Known Fact: This song was actually written and sung by Dolly Parton. When Whitney Houston got around to it, it became an ersatz cover favoured over the original.

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