Friday, November 07, 2003

Let's play 8 Degrees of Julian Casablancas. Except I'm going to try connecting him to the lucrative underground business of whoring minors. Starting from ... Finland.

Finland is a Scandinavian country --> Scandinavian countries include Denmark --> Denmark has beauty pageants --> Miss Denmark was Jeanette Christensen --> She gave birth to Julian Casablancas --> Julian's dad is John Casablancas --> He is the founder of Elite Modeling Agency --> Elite has recently been the subject of a BBC documentary that secretly taped explicitly degrading exchanges between agents and their underaged clients.

Woohoo! Though I love The Strokes (screw their hype factor, their music encourages aerobics), I have, through random pieces of information, associated the lead singer to a sex cartel.

Aw, no hard feelings though. Call me, Jules!

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