Saturday, November 15, 2003

It's a feel-so-good day for Lily.

The newspaper is now officially a rags-to-riches success story. Not to pull a Pip, but it was barely staying afloat above the academic quagmire before being re-issued as a 'zine. It's now wearing the emperor's new clothes: less formal, but still true to its roots.

Although, apparently, a number of senior students complained about how much they disliked it: "Why's there binding? The size is too small. The colour? Ugly. How much?! That's insane." Finally, telling anyone who would listen, "I won't pay money for it next time." Oh, cry me a river. Of the 111 papers that were sold on the first day, maybe 10 percent were sold to seniors.

I'm sorry I don't allow for slanderous rants pertained to controversial subjects since I don't possess a superiority-complex that's out to alienate the "little people".

The thing is. I have a sheet that allows for comments and suggestions to be made. Don't bitch about the newspaper if you're not going to make an effort to help out its progress. This is our first time. Cut us some slack. Then again, I might come off proud-sounding when I say we're not the ones who are missing out when you decide against shelling out your 50 cents in "protest". For every cheap, cynical, angry Gr. 12, there are tens of spirited, supportive, enthusiastic students who haven't turned a little harmless extracurricular fun into an outright civil war.

But my day went by very well. I tried choking Dior boy. That was nice.

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