Sunday, November 30, 2003

I love Adam Brody. Especially after his comment to Mischa Barton about her nude scene with "All night BJ" Enrique (yes, I realise this is old news):

Quddus asked if she had any idea she'd be taking her clothes off for Enrique Iglesias's 'Addicted' video. "Yes, I did," the 17-year-old actress admitted. "We wanted it to be kind kind of racy and Peter [Berg] is a great director and he's one of my favorites. I knew he'd do something cool with it. His videos are kind of racy." Brody asked Barton what was the 28-year-old Iglesias in jail for during the video. "He wasn't inside of jail," Barton replied. "He's locked inside of his pain and misfortune because he can't be with me."

Way to miss the point there, Mischa. Heh heh.

His character, Seth Cohen (a nod to Joel and Ethan Cohen, maybe?), is a dreamboat. A dorkboat? Whatever. He's a fictional character that will be the criteria to which all my future prospects will be held against:

Quick, witty, funny
Likes feisty women
Pop culture god
Stylin' in vintage T-shirts, tailored shirts and denim
Jewish (or not. I can deal with that)
Likes Family Guy better than The Simpsons (that's just an assumption, but we connect; I know)
Brunette (blondes are so Motley Crue, 1983)

The other things like ... having his own sailboat, rich parents, lives by the ocean and skates, are just icing on the cake. I'll survive.