Friday, November 14, 2003

I just found a quote that mirrors the hopeful prospects of my future:

"Raise less corn and more hell."

Aye, less sentimental schmaltz and more racial rants.

Of course, the "corn" in that quote actually refers to "corn" (aka. Native Indian gold). Just watch Disney's Pochahontas for more historically inaccurate details.

You know, organic farmers should start capitalising on their crops. Don't stop at harvesting produce, when the next marketing niche is in the toy industry. How's about a little fun time with Carro-Teen: the edible troll (mood-swings not included). The genetically modified twins, Split Pea Babies, might be a big hit. They give you a new surprise, every time:

"Ear infection? Oh goody!"

Although, by far the most likely to reach cult-status is Passion Fruit Pick-Up:

Line #84: "I'm born to lick your naval oranges. So get ready, 'cause Sonny's here for your plum dressing."

Move over Monkeys-in-a-Barrel, this is guaranteed to be the "it" gift of the season (second only to cocktail mix).

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