Thursday, November 13, 2003

Happy 17th Birthday Laura!

She's all grown up, and yet, I haven't aged a day.

I wonder if it can still be called "ignoring" if the other person hasn't noticed it happening yet. Maybe the correct terminology is: Lilyneedsalifeatosis. It's a rare malady of the parietal lobe that affects the ability to grasp reality, but more importantly, good taste.

External factors really do influence a person's character. To think, a mere 4 years ago, I would've flinched at repulsive notions of sex, drugs and parental-supervised parties. But ever since coming to this school, I've become a nonsensical, blubbering idiot with intoxicating dreams involving romantic interests. However, mama didn't raise no fool (just gave birth to them) so I'm going to stop rambling on and on about how the men I like are all taken and the men I get along with are all bonafide fags (love you, Boss!).

In a world where being alone is usually interpreted as being lonely, wouldn't it be wonderful to see the day when single gals aren't gawked at like the only porker in a purging contest?

Yeah, that would suck. Need to get laid ... soon. Preferably consentual. If not, okay too. Unusual devices made in woodshop class need not apply.

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