Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Ah, the script I have now is absolutely fantastic!

So today, I was talking to Mr. O about the surreal aspect of my script and he asked me if I liked Le Sang d'un Poète, while Mr. S, the librarian stood beside us. I replied that I did and told him I suspected the protagonist gave himself fellatio*. Mr. O laughed and said, Oh Lord, while Mr. S, shocked, turned the other way. It was a delicious moment. I justified it by saying, "Hey, it was made in 1930." Besides, both Mr. O and I are film fanatics. Why be embarrassed when you're only describing something matter-of-factly? The recent Spanish film Hable con Ella (Talk to Her, 2002) has a scene that takes place entirely in front of a woman's vulva with a condensed little man entering and leaving at will. Think Patch Adams for a NC-17 ... or dime-show ... audience.

However, I think I've become too blunt. Do I hurt people's feelings when I don't sugar-coat things? Isn't knowing the truth the first step to change? Unless crying over spilt milk is a past time, then I definitely won't shut up for them out of sympathy. I also hate pretentious people who provoke fights with me only to pull things out of their ass when they've been booyah-ed. Jerks.

*The main character rubs off the mouth on his charcoal drawing, and it comes alive on his hand. After trying to drown it by putting his hand in a basin of water, he touches his lips only to realise it felt goooood. So, he decides to put his hand down his pants for a good-ol' hand/mouth job combination.

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