Friday, October 24, 2003

I'm goddamn there's-a-leech-in-my-head mad.

Why? Well, if you had siblings with insatiable appetites, you'd understand. They're living vacuum cleaners. They're Survivor contestants after they get knocked off the island. They're ... Jabba the Hutt. I left some German Kinder chocolates on the kitchen table yesterday. I thought they'd be safe there since there was about 8 bars in the box so that even if the young'uns did get their grimy little hands on it, I'd probably still have some left. But guess what? They're all gone. Not only did they eat my previous box of German Kinders, but they've eaten this box too! And surprise, surprise, who ate most of it? No, not my chubby little brother (the one with the Beyblade obsession). It was my satanic sister. The stick figurine with the centralised abnormal belly. So I freaked out and said, "This!" while pointing at the bag of BBQ chips she was now eating, "Is. The. Reason. You. Have. That!" This time, pointing at her ... then slowly dropping my outstretched arm, until my index finger aimed at her stomach. She pulled her shirt down and smirked. The satisfaction of knowing Lily didn't get her chocolates overshadowed her own health concerns.

What a bitch.

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