Sunday, September 07, 2003

You know what would be difficult? Living a sham marriage. Or relationship, for that matter. One minute, you're acting all chummy when people are around. But when your only audience becomes a stick of gum and some grass clippings, your "significant(ly intolerable) other" becomes just another street sign you ignore (like STOP or ONE WAY-->). Even organising each other's roles can get confusing:

"So honey bunch, are we going to act flirty and married or bitter and divorced today?"

"Do I even know you?"

"*wink* Gotcha."

But I wonder if there are true advantages to living a fraudulent love life. You get all the shallow representations without investing any of the effort. I mean, you'll get the month-i-versary red rose, date for family gatherings and *ahem* reliably rare sexual encounters, without the pressure of having to call 18 times a day. Or deciding whether to leave him due to his schizophrenic/Tourette's, but can't, because of your "history" together. Even small signs like finishing each other's sentences can be taught: "My name is ..." "... Steve." "Oh Miranda, we're like soulmates."

Maybe social interactions have become so predictable that we've trained ourselves to believe what we are trained to see, and not how we were born to feel.

Is there really a difference between being in love and being together if all the evidence that leads to one can be bought for the other?

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