Saturday, September 06, 2003

My mom wants to take acupuncture courses. Maybe even take the entire range of alternative Chinese medicine. It's not that I don't support her (hey, it's her money), but it's the sneaking suspicion that she might be going through a midlife crisis. Coupled with that new RV she just bought and spontaneous desires to re-take more Caribbean cruises, has suburbia really ... got to her? I mean, for once, we're on the same boat. Living in a neighbourhood that consists of "Crt."s and "Dr."s, while hunting for rare sightings of animate people, has probably strained her patience as much as my own. I'm glad she's still ambitious. At least she's not sitting in the ol' rocker, singing showtunes and greasin'-up the shotgun barrel. The irony is, this is what she had been working towards for the past decade. I mean, daily talks consisted of: "We'll have two cars. And a house that doesn't reek of rotting wood, roaches, and Juicy Fruit ..." I'm looking way too much into this. Maybe she just has too much time on her hands, daydreaming. "Quit yo' wall starin' and git back to them dishes!" "Yes'sum."

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