Sunday, September 14, 2003

My friend broke into my account and added a "comments" feature. And when I say "broke into", I really mean, "Voluntarily gave her my account info., for I have no useful abilities, other than eating grapes and pressing buttons." I hope people make use of this little feature ... or what would be the meaning of my life?

I was supposed to go to the 2003 KiteFest today. Yes, you read right. KiteFest. Festivals are getting too complicated these days. Gone are "take your naked body, but bring a fanny pack for all that excessive pot you have lying around." Instead, it's now "take your tight, naked body, but bring a Gucci horn-rimmed clutch for all that excessive cocaine you just bought from your 'friend' Steve." Oh yeah, and don't forget the kite. Suicidal kids under 18 get in free. Now, now, no pushing.

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