Saturday, September 06, 2003

I looked through some un-deleted emails today. Brought back old memories. Like my kitschy harlequin phase:

"Well Liz, you're right about the whole Venetian fisherman being appealing (somewhat. Although, he's definitely not me cup o' tea). However, I kept reading. He's actually a Venetian hotel owner who also lives the life of a vagabond, throwing cabbages onto bridges, for it better suits his manly lifestyle. See, the worst part of this character is that he speaks. Yes, he speaks little but blunt phrases like, 'I understand you. You are not angry with me. You are angry with your previous significant other, Senora. That slap in the face only meant you cannot contain your sexual desire for me. Oh contraire, it also means you wouldn't mind being slapped around ... in bed ... on a donkey ... while watching Caddyshack II.'"

Tired. Have realised I just lost my blog-ginity. Oh, quelle horreur!

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