Friday, September 26, 2003

I definitely won't have any inspired rants until late October.

Reason? My ma's out of town and called to tell me she couldn't drive me to the party. She actually tried to find alternatives, but I replied, "Thanks, but I don't want to be a bother."

So I sincerely apologize for not attending Mag's birthday party. It's really disrespectful, I know. But I've decided to flow against the booze tide ...

... to stay home and do extra homework before heading off to the city of love, next week.

While there, I hope to meet an European guy who isn't loco like the guys at my school. Maybe we'll share a few laughs. Maybe he'll whisper sweet nothings into my ear (literally, since he'll most likely be speaking German) as we knock back non-alcoholic beverages under the large cloud of factory waste. We'll mistake planes for twinkling stars as we share stories about how living in our parents' basement is a drag. And he'll ask me to stay with him and I'll happily agree. Then realise he's married, but decide to stay with him anyway if only for the weekly Dior shopping sprees. And we'll live happily ever after ... in our home in the Bahamas, unspoiled by the destructive species that is children.


*Ah, how fairy tales have changed ...

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