Tuesday, September 09, 2003

The first thing I do when I get home is take my bra off. Goddamn those things. Why do they have to be so damn restrictive? I mean, with tits like mine, you would think the laws of physics would allow me to go bra-less. But no. I must wear these multi-coloured sno-cones for me blossoming beauties.

Enough of that (not that anyone would have wanted me to go on).

Have you ever had someone make you antsy and fidgety with their mere presence? Today, in the caffe, that morsel of eye candy became more than a 2-dimensional fantasy number. Gosh, you really have to watch your movements when you think someone's eyeing you, and in essence, judging you. "Must not ... pick scab from ... arm. Will pretend to not notice ... by flipping through the same 5-pages ... 28 times. So tempted to look back but then ... Gah! He's still looking!" To quote The Authority Song, covered by Jimmy Eat World: "I got no secret purpose/ I don't seem obvious, do I?" Well, I was obviously too obvious, for him to even acknowledge my existence. I got shit for brains. Must occupy my time with better things to do ... like conversing with inanimate objects ... such as ... gifted students.

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